Monday, July 30, 2012

Get the Truth About the Crime Rates...

When people think of moving to any neighborhood, one of the first things they do is go online to get the crime statistics for that area.

I'd say the best way to really know what's happening is to ask a police officer who's actually on the front line everyday and can really break it down for you.

 Officer Sunny Sasajima is our Senior Lead Officer for the Leimert Park area.  He's AWESOME!!!  And more of a community liason if you ask me.  He's always at our block club meetings, highly accessible and so helpful.  Bottom line---he really cares.

Three cheers for Officer Sasajima!!!
Thanks, Sunny!  We all appreciate you!

Please get in touch with him if you have any thoughts or questions about what's really happening in Leimert Park.

Here is his contact info:

Sunny Sasajima, Police Officer III+I
Senior Lead Officer
Southwest Area
Phone:  (213) 847-5800

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