Friday, August 17, 2012

It's Official...I'm Back at Keller Williams!!!

Heather Lee Presha, at Keller Williams Realty

Hello Friends...

Today I have some WONDERFUL news!!!!

The folks at Keller Williams Realty Los Feliz, where I began my real estate career, have been asking me to come back for a while now.  And after much ado, experimenting with smaller brokers, I decided to go back to KW.

Thanks to Jino Cabrera, Ken Dang and of course my ultimate #1 Idol in the business--The LA Home Girl, Kenya Reeves Costa--for all your encouragement and advice.

It feels wonderful to be back in the arena with the top agents.  And I am glad that I will still be able to represent and service my Crenshaw Community under such a trusted name as Keller Williams Realty.

For those of you who are my current clients or plan to be my clients in the future, I want you to know that I will now have triple the resources to help you be successful in your real estate endeavors.

I look forward to all the future has to offer beyond this great turning point!

Much Love,

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