Thursday, October 11, 2012

Endeavor in Leimert Park....

Hey Folks...

SO as you all may know by now, the Space Shuttle Endeavor is passing through Leimert Park this weekend.

I found myself in a big huff thinking about how crazy the traffic will be, the fact that we are losing shade and hundreds of mature trees along the way.  But today I've kinda changed my tune--there's something exciting about this historical event that is about to take place.

It wasn't until my son, Stevie, started asking me when he was going to see the shuttle that I realized what this meant for someone who's 9.   Stevie has only been on the earth for 9 years and he has seen the first Black President, the invention of the iPad and now the Endeavor!  Besides, he gets to see the newly planted trees grow tall.  Wow what else will he and I get to see together---Life is so good!!!

I love the fact that this will bring people together, get people talking to one another and remind us that we are simply microcosms of a vast and phenomenal UNIVERSE.  This will get us and the children excited and wanting to learn more.   ALL THIS MAKES ME HAPPY!!!

Here are the photo's that dissolved my discontent about the inconvenience and loss of trees... (see below).


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