Monday, January 7, 2013

Real Estate Check Ups for Leimert Park Homeowners...

Hello Everybody and Happy NEW YEAR!!!

I am curious to know what great aspirations you all have on your lists for 2013.  Whatever it is, YOU CAN DO IT!!!

If one of the things on your list is to sell your home, the first step is to call me for a Real Estate CHECK UP!  I will analyze your entire Real Estate profile; including your home value, property taxes, maintenance, insurance and even your mortgage loan. I have a strong team of professionals that can help you with every aspect of your home. I'll explain exactly where you stand in today's Market and what your best options are going into the new year.  The time is now to streamline and search for ways that you can save money or make more money on your biggest asset.

The Real Estate Check Up is just one of the many services I provide to my clients that can help them develop a better financial profile. In particular, home values in the Leimert Park and surrounding Crenshaw District have gone up tremendously. Many of the homeowners I've met with recently were surprised to find out that they actually have equity in their homes now...times have certainly changed--don't you want to know how the changes will effect you personally?  Watch the video below and call me now for your free Real Estate Check Up:  (323) 559-9081

You owe it to yourself to know your options!  I can help.


  1. Great video! I'm sure those who are selling schaumburg apartments can use your tips.

  2. Dave...thanks for the shout out! Glad you like my blog. Please follow me. I will be sure to refer folks to you site if they are looking in IL. Look me up if you're ever in LA and I will treat you to ice cream! : )