Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Maybe you should buy a DUPLEX?

Hello to all my Frustrated First Time Home Buyers:

In the current market, let's face it---inventory is low and demand is high. Seems like everything you want to buy gets scooped up quickly and has a million offers to boot.  Grrrr!

Well, if you can't find a single family residence in your target area and price range, maybe you should think about buying a duplex.  This could increase your maximum purchase price and up your chances of getting your foot in the door to homeownership!  Duplexes are a great second option to a house, as they can provide the potential for long term income....especially in the Crenshaw District!

With the Metro Line coming and all the commercial development currently underway, I suspect that you will see your duplex value escalate quite nicely.  Convenience is important to everyone!

Click the link here to see what your options are for Duplexes in the Crenshaw District---all under $450k:      http://goo.gl/tc0GSW

In the meantime---HANG IN THERE and NEVER GIVE UP!!!


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