Friday, February 7, 2014

Giving out the Keys to First Timers....

Hi Everybody... 
The year is off to a great start so far!  Take a look at some of these highlights from my buyers who recently took the plunge into homeownership.

This is the house that Katherine and Anders chose... 

Many of my clients, just like Katherine and Anders, have signed their loan documents by notary at my dining room table---it really makes my clients feel right at home.
I'm there every step of the way, along with Superstar
Notary Sisters, Deseree and Wendy--thanks, Ladies!

We met in my home office prior to looking at homes to review The Buyer's TO DO List.  Knowing what's going to happen before it actually happens is so crucial to getting through the escrow/closing process.
Here's Katherine and Anders at the finish line,
having diligently checked off each step of the process.

Here are your keys!!  Yay!!!
Here are my other two buyers.....Rosa and Chereta, Best Friends and Co-Workers decided to put their money together to buy a house in the Crenshaw District instead of  buying two separate houses in less desirable neighborhoods.  I gave them their keys at Post and Beam Restaurant and we all cried!  Ladies--you too made it through the
Buyer's TO DO List...piece of cake, right?  Hahahahah!

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