Friday, May 23, 2014

Wow Power!!!...All White Kitchens and Bathrooms are the HOT TREND.

Written by Miles Presha
(Heather's husband and humble assistant)
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One of the benefits of being able to view lots of homes on the market is to notice design trends that improve the look of a home - but more importantly what helps to boost the value.  Lots of investors  like to save money, and it shows in the overall outlook of the house.  Lots of flips feature dark wood cabinets, granite counter tops, and travertine tiles in the bathrooms and kitchens.  These design choices definitely help to give homes a polished look, but it's been overdone and have been dubbed "Home Depot Specials."  My buyers have been turning their noses up at these designs and style choices.  What they're looking for are crisp, clean, blank canvasses.

I've recently come across lots of homes that feature white kitchens, complimented with a dark gray  floor tile, and the instant reaction is usually, "Wow!"  White kitchens make the room pop, seem to be a lot more aesthetically pleasing, and make the home feel more upscale.


Talk about timeless.  You might be lucky enough to purchase one of the few Los Angeles homes that still have their original art-deco tiles from the 20s, but most of those still need updating and again, are rare.  Subway tiles seem to be making a comeback, and the effect, like white kitchens, not only brighten a bathroom, but also give it an historic look, while still being able to compliment it with other modern fixtures. 

Make your bathroom or kitchen look fantastic and still leave room for you to add your own personal touches and different color variations.  Subway tiles are durable, stain resistant, and easy to clean.  Not to mention - they just look CLASSY and will set your home apart form the rest of the crop.  

What are your thoughts?  Which one of these would you like to see in your new home?  Send us your feedback!


  1. Where were these homes when we were looking????? :) FINALLY, the flippers are moving back into the present and out of the 80's!!!!!!! :)

  2. Yes! No more dark wood cabinets!!