Saturday, August 23, 2014

ATTENTION: Hopeful Home Buyers

Hi, Hopeful Home Buyers!

Don't you want to know what to expect during the purchase process BEFORE you go shopping for a home?

After you get your pre-approval, my BUYER'S TO DO LIST will help you feel confident about your journey to homeownership with this amazing 12 Step Plan. 

I meet with hopefuls in my office to review the process--it takes about 38 minutes to cover everything.  I provide cold drinks and yummy snacks while you're learning the essentials. I have helped many people get clarity and buy their first home using this systematic approach...for example, take a look:

Jodi and Jeff took my list and made a bigger version, taped it to the wall in their apartment so they are reminded every day about what comes next.  I was really impressed with them!!  Love it!!!

This lovely couple posted their list on the fridge during their purchase. Every time I checked in with them on the phone we would review the next 3 steps until we got to the end and I gave them their keys!!

Kat and Anders liked the list too!   They always had great questions and called ME first when they started feeling anxious--then I would talk them "off the ledge"...HA!!  They too made it to the finish line!

Let's face it, buying a house is NOT easy, but with good guidance and a great plan it is always possible!

Call today to schedule a one on one consultation: 

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