Monday, April 27, 2015


Let's face it...change is inevitable.  Just look at today's Los Angeles real estate market.  Who'da thought a few years ago when the market was in the dumps that a neighborhood like Leimert Park - who those out of the loop still call "the hood" would be one of, if not the hottest market in the city right now.

We get lots of phone calls - mainly lookie-lous asking about the affordable spanish style homes they see on sites like Zillow and Trulia.  Something about that terra cotta tile roof just grabs buyers at the core - but when those outside of the area find out these gorgeous houses are in the Crenshaw district, the phone goes silent for a bit.  There's still a negative connotation associated with Crenshaw and South Los Angeles, but maybe that's just for those who didn't happen to read anything anywhere about California real estate in the last few years.

3887 Olmsted Ave.
Leimert Park is metropolitan cultural hub, hosting a myriad of artists in residence, cultural street fairs, live performances, all monitored by local stakeholders.  Right now, South LA couldn't be hotter, and anyone that has second thoughts need only look at the numbers.

4025 Bronson Ave.
Homes are selling way above asking.  That only happens when there's high demand.  Escrows in the high 600s and peaking out in the 700s.  Single family's are renting upwards of $2600 a month. Not Baldwin Hills, not View Park….this is happening in Leimert Park!

3887 Westside Ave.
The Crenshaw Line is being built as we speak.  Major retail and business redevelopment  is underway.  Buyers from the west side and other former areas of high demand are now flocking to open houses here.  

But enough bragging - take a look for yourself.  Explore our Market Analysis and see for yourself.  Oh, and summer's coming.  Everyone will be out house hunting then, and who knows where the home prices will escalate to.  We'll have to wait and see, that is if there will be anything left!   Happy Hunting…..

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