Thursday, May 19, 2016

The First Offer in is the BEST ONE...

Hi Home Buyers!
Are you tired of guessing when you should submit your offer when you know there will be multiple offers on the house you love?  My advise--be brave and be the first in line!!
Trending Now: A lot of listing agents are subscribing to the idea that the first offer in is usually the best offer. This is important because listing agents are there to guide and advise their seller clients on which offer to select. With that said, BUYERS--try not to hesitate when you find your perfect home. Put your best foot forward in regards to your price, terms and being the first offer on the table. It's the best way to separate yourself from the competition and show sellers that you mean business.  
Because inventory is so low, especially in the Crenshaw District, coming in strong from the start is the best way to go.  
Even if you're not the highest offer overall, odds are good that once all the offers are in, you may get a second chance with a counter offer.  
And remember, if you really love the house say it with price--it's not worth loosing the fight over a few thousand dollars, which may ultimately only mean $50-100 more on your monthly payment.  Talk to your loan officer, break it down. Everything must be "Dollarized" in Real Estate! It's the only way to win.

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